South Florida’s Best Specialty Garden Designer

Jaguar Garden Designs is a full-service garden design landscaping company offering services in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Delray BeachJaguar Garden Designs can create gardens that fulfill a particular purpose like these specialty gardens:

butterfly on milkweedButterfly gardens

Jaguar Garden Designs is the best specialty garden designer creating outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining. If you love butterflies, the best way to attract them is to plant a butterfly garden. Butterfly gardens include two types of plants: nectar plants and hatching plants. The hatching plants are where butterflies lay their eggs and the emerging caterpillars eat and grow so that they can transform into butterflies. The nectar plants attract butterflies to come and eat, and include a variety of special blooming plants (not all flowers attract butterflies).



vegetable and herb gardenVegetable and herb gardens

Jaguar Garden Designs is a professional landscape design company focusing on specialty gardens. Food doesn’t get any fresher than when you pick it yourself. Jaguar Garden Designs can plant a vegetable and herb garden that will have you feasting all year long, whether you have a large or small yard. Tomatoes, lettuce, squash, basil, strawberries, dill, peppers, eggplant, and carrots are just some of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that grow well in South Florida. Ask us about making it organic to avoid residue from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.



FrangipaniScent gardens

Jaguar Garden Designs is a garden design landscape company with a passion for creating outdoor landscapes for specialty gardens. One of them is the scent garden. What if your garden was filled with the most wonderful smells? It can be when you plant aromatic plants. The breeze will bring the sweet, spicy or herbal scents to you for a whole new level of enjoyment!




Meditation GardenMeditation gardens

Jaguar Garden Designs is a landscape and garden design company that can turn your outdoor space into a beautiful meditation garden. Your garden can be a place that helps you eliminate stress and connect with nature when you spend time in a meditation garden. Carefully planned for a calming look and soothing sounds, a meditation garden can be somewhere you do yoga, meditate or just relax.




Contact Jaguar Garden Designs about planting a specialty garden online or by phone at (561) 699-0653.